Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Deployment Blog

I’ve threatened to do it, in the past, and I’m finally making good on my threat: I’ve started a “Deployment Blog”. (It’s… er… it’s the blog you’re reading right now.) I do a lot of deployments—about one a month, these days—so it’s time I started blogging about them. As with the many other blogs I’ve started, I’m sure nobody will find this blog interesting but me. Only a fellow nerd/geek could possibly find this interesting, and even then, why would they want to read about my deployments? They’ve got their own to worry about.

Still, I’ve started it, and I’ll stick with it. For a while.

For those who don’t read my main blog, here are some links to posts from the past, when I mentioned previous deployments:

So from now on, when I have a deployment, I’ll write about it here. (Also, I will put up a post which describes what a deployment is, for those who aren’t familiar with the term.)

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