Saturday, September 20, 2008

[Mini] Deployment: September 20, 2008

This was actually just a simple database script, to update one of our data tables. No structural changes, just data. But someone decided to treat it like a full deployment anyway, complete with the conference call and everything. So…

01:30–01:37 (7 minutes): We all logged onto the conference bridge, and confirmed that we were ready to go. It took a bit longer than we’d expected, because we weren’t sure if one particular person was going to join or not.

01:37–01:37 (about 30 seconds): We backed up the database.

01:37–01:41 (4 minutes): We executed the DB scripts.

01:41–01:48 (7 minutes): We did our Sanity Test—mostly just checking the logs that the scripts worked fine, as well as a quick glance at the application, to verify that the data was showing up correctly.

01:43–01:53 (10 minutes): The client performed their Landing Test. (Further tests that the data was showing up correctly in the application…) We let them start before the Sanity was done, in this case, since all indications were that things had worked fine, and we were just waiting on an email to show up in my Inbox to verify the scripts.

Overall, we were done ahead of schedule, and everything worked well. Total deployment: 01:30–01:53 (23 minutes).

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