Saturday, December 1, 2007

Deployment: December 1, 2007

The investigations into the back-end system have completed, and they believe the problems were caused by a problem with the hardware load balancer, for the back-end system. They’re making the change on the morning of December 1st, which means that we’re being deferred yet again.

Assuming that all goes well with the changes to the load balancer, we’ll go in Saturday night/Sunday morning, meaning December 2nd. We’ll have a go/no-go call at 5:00 PM Saturday afternoon, to make the decision.

And just to make everything even more fun, the email servers were down all day Friday, so updates couldn’t be sent via email. We were all waiting around to see what would happen, but nobody was able to send updates.

I’m almost afraid to ask what else can go wrong with this release.

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