Sunday, December 23, 2007

Deployment: December 23, 2007

The last deployment was a success. Well… sort of. We added in some new functionality which was pulling additional information from a back-end system. Unfortunately, that system wasn’t able to handle the extra load. And, because of the Christmas season, all of the systems were being taxed more heavily than usual, so there was a danger that this extra load would be enough to start causing crashes.

So it was decided to do an “emergency deployment,” and remove the functionality. The back-end system would be going through a change, the month after, which would make it able to handle this load, so the next version of my app would have the functionality reinstated.

It sucks that we had to do a deployment on the weekend before Christmas—when I was supposed to be on holidays—but that’s the way it goes, sometimes.

1:30AM: We all logged onto the conference bridge, and confirmed we were ready to go.

1:35–1:40: There were no database changes, this time around, so all we had to do was redeploy the application itself. We did so.

1:40–1:50: The application was back up, and we did a quick Sanity Test, to ensure it was working. The Sanity Tests passed.

1:50–2:05: The client did their Landing Tests. Again, the tests passed.

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