Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Deployment: June 3, 2008

Apparently the bug fix deployments spilled over out of May, and into June, because here I was doing another one. All preliminary thinking had this being another quick one, though.

22:00–22:06 (6 minutes): We all logged onto the conference bridge, and confirmed that we were ready to go.

22:06–22:57 (51 minutes): We deployed the application, and made some configuration changes required by the vendor of the application server software we use. (To help them debug a problem we’re having.)

22:57–23:23 (26 minutes): We Sanity Tested the application. Everything was fine.

23:23–00:05 (42 minutes): The users did their Landing Tests. Everything was still fine.

Overall deployment: 22:00–00:05 (2 hours and 5 minutes).

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