Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deployment: July 7, 2008

This was partially a bug-fix deployment, but it was also a configuration deployment. We had a number of configuration changes to make to our web servers, in preparation for some future changes to our network/physical architecture.

22:00–22:01 (1 minute): We all logged onto the conference bridge, and confirmed that we were ready to go.

22:01–22:28 (27 minutes): We made the appropriate configuration changes to our web servers.

22:08–22:38 (10 minutes): We down-graded the logging level on our application servers. Because of the recent troubleshooting we’d had to do, we’d increased the logging greatly, but we now felt it was time to decrease it, and stop chewing up so much disk space with our logs.

22:38–22:50 (12 minutes): We deployed the application.

22:50–23:11 (21 minutes): We performed our Sanity Testing. Everything was fine.

23:11–23:18 (7 minutes): The users did their Landing Test. Everything was fine. (It’s not usual that Sanity Test takes longer than Landing Test, but I guess the users had their testing down to a science, after so many deployments lately—many of which I missed, since I was on vacation.)

23:18–23:22 (4 minutes): We switched back on everything that had to be switched on, and verified with the user base was completely back up and running.

23:22–23:55 (33 minutes): Just as we had all signed off on the deployment, and were about to hang up, one of the users claimed that there was an issue. We spent this time re-testing the functionality, but there was no issue. (Error between keyboard and chair.)

Overall deployment: 22:00–23:55 (1 hour and 55 minutes).

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