Friday, July 11, 2008

Deployment: July 11, 2008

This was sort of a continuation of the previous deployment. If all went well, we’d be able to kiss our recent troubles goodbye, and get back on to a regular schedule, without so many deployments all the time.

01:30–01:33 (3 minutes): We all logged onto the conference bridge, and confirmed that we were ready to go.

01:33–01:40 (7 minutes): We made some configuration changes to some of the servers. (There was no “deployment” this time, per se, just configuration changes. But it still caused an outage, and so had to be controlled.)

01:40–01:55 (15 minutes): We performed our Sanity Testing. Everything was fine. Normally Landing Tests would follow, but in this case, since there were no changes to the application itself, it wasn’t deemed necessary.

01:55–01:58 (3 minutes): We verified with the user base that everything was back up and running.

Overall deployment: 01:30–01:58 (28 minutes).

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